September Riches

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The next time one of the homeless asks you for a dollar and you have that internal thought that, ‘Of course I can’t give them money; they’ll use it towards alcohol or drugs.’ Give them the money.

Give them the money to show yourself Jesus rather than to show them. While it’s true that they might take the money you’ve given them towards destructive ends, the beauty of that exchange is that it shows us ourselves.

God loves giving you gifts. He loves when you are pleased with them, and it hurts Him when you don’t use them well. But even when you take His gifts and you make of them golden idols to worship, He continues to give them to you because He believes in you and He believes you have the capacity to accept them well. He believes it strongly enough to trust you with His possessions, and so to should we believe in each other to trust people with what is ours even if they might use it towards harm.

So the next time someone asks if you can spare a dollar, realize that God is inviting you to see Him more clearly by seeing yourself in that person.



If you’ve ever doubted yourself, walk deep into any forest. Notice how the trees still stand even though they are given no recognition. Walk along any stream. The water still flows, though no one stops to praise it. Watch the stars late at night; they shine without acknowledgment. Humans are just the same. We are made out of the same elements as these beautiful wonders. Always remember your beauty and self worth. 




If there is something on your heart and you want to do it, please, take my advice: DO IT. Chase your dreams, your thoughts, your aspirations. If you want to move across the country, DO IT. If you want to try a new hobby, DO IT. Seriously people. Life is too short to sit back and watch other people live it. Go out and make your mark. Let yourself be known, heard. You don’t want to lay on your death bed filled with regret of the things you didn’t do. 


songs for when your brain won’t stop thinking and you can’t sleep at night
// 1. Re: Stacks - Bon Iver // 2. Shallows - Daughter // 3. Our Song - The xx // 4. Heart Full Of Wine - Angus & Julia Stone // 5. Lovely Sad - The Maine // 6. To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra // 7. Hard To Find - The National // 8. Please Don’t Go - Barcelona // 9. Serenade - Emiliana Torrini // 10. I’ll Never Forget You - Birdy // 11. Falling In Love In A Coffee Shop - Landon Pigg // 12. Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran // 13. Don’t Go Slow - Benjamin Francis Leftwich // 14. 24-25 - Kings of Convenience // 15. Closer - Joshua Radin // 16. Sleeper 1972 - Manchester Orchestra // 17. Asleep - The Smiths // 18. Blindsided - Bon Iver //
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